Our expertise lies in the recruitment of professionals. engineers. executives. trainees. graduates and bi-lingual staff for job positions in Iraq that meet the i individuals objectives and goals. We are based in Iraq but also have offices in the UK & Dubai that allow us to gain a wider geographic area and work with multinational companies. Our consultants are also fluent in English & Arabic. therefor able to assist your needs easily and efficiently.

Diginets Management Services (DMS) office is pleased to announce…
In cooperation with British recruitment company, Rec2con,
Present our excellent service in providing staffing with certificated skilled and qualifications in various fields, in order to achieve maximum compatibility between the requirements of the company and the characteristics of the job seeker

The process of appointing individuals for the position requires prior and accurate study of the job description and job specifications against the person who will occupy post. Carrying out initial interviews with the candidates ensures their qualifications and experience, as well as identifying applicable human resources. We also provide more than one candidate for the job in order for the manager to have the ability of choosing the right candidate for the role.


Recruiting Services

  • Finding the suitable candidate for you company.
  • Customized courses according to your staff needs.
  • Consultancy services for companies and job seekers.
  • Offering you a staff with the experience you need (fresh graduated or with experience).
  • You can change the candidate or replace them by contracting with DMS.
  • Placing candidate in jobs that fit their skills.
  • Carries development and guides.
  • Interview and assessment.
  • national coverage regional  expertise.
  • temporary and permanent.
  • manage advertising and candidates.
  • advise on top courses to develop your staff.
  • flexible contracts arrangement.


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